We are engaged in the development, implementation, support and promotion of sociocultural and interdisciplinary projects, the citizen initiatives

Who we are

The "Project initiative" was established in May 2017 as the successor to the substantive and project activities of the Agency for Cultural Initiatives of the Volgograd Region.

The main mission of our organization is the development of public cultural diplomacy through the development, implementation and support of projects in the field of culture, as well as in any areas in contact with it, to create social horizontal structures and communities that could exist and develop independently, aimed at development of the best social qualities of a person: communicativeness, friendliness, solidarity, cooperation, participation, mutual assistance, creativity, the desire for self-realization with benefit for the society.

At the same time, under cultural diplomacy we mean public diplomacy (soft power) as a means of interaction, communication through the cultural activity between any subjects, including the disunited ones (individuals, communities, institutions, territories, etc.). This is different from the traditional view of cultural diplomacy. This type of communication, in our opinion, can exist both between cultures, large territories, and between neighboring yards.

What we do

We are engaged in the development, implementation, support and promotion of sociocultural and interdisciplinary projects, the citizens’ initiatives. Our team has experience in creating the educational programs, developing concepts, programs, analytical materials in the cultural sphere, as well as expertise, monitoring of socio-cultural projects and consulting.

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Project management

The development and implementation of projects - from the idea to its actual implementation - is what we have been doing for the last eight years, and some of us even more. The main approach in the project activity involves the involvement of as many stakeholders as possible: representatives of government, business and culture, commercial and non-commercial, governmental and non-governmental organizations. The project activity of the organization is based not on the directive, but on the participatory approach to the project management.

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Development of concepts and programs, analytics

Besides the project management, we create the concepts, strategies, programs, analyze the effectiveness of projects, programs and institutions.

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Expertise and consulting

Extensive practical experience, knowledge of the experience of the others, as well as understanding of the Russian and international context, allows us to carry out the expertise and monitoring of various sociocultural and interdisciplinary projects. In addition, we advise project teams and work with novice project managers to help them realize their ambitious ideas.

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Implementation of educational programs, facilitation and mediation

We conduct the educational and project seminars, trainings; we have the ready elaborations of workshops and lectures on the following topics: audience development, audience segmentation, museum project management, participatory design technologies, participatory art, feedback in cultural institutions, artistic design, disability awareness, SMM and others.

Our projects

We like what we do


Organization of the opening of a new educational space "Kubrik" of the Sberbank Charity Fund "Contribution to the future" in the cultural center of ZIL (Moscow, December, 2017). The second decade of public art in Volgograd (Volgograd, August, 2016)

Development of concepts and programs

Conducting an expert seminar on the "Openness practices" program for the parents of the Sberbank Charity Foundation "Contribution to the future" (as part of the development of the grant competition project)

Partnership projects

Realization of the Russian stage of the project "Comic Continent" - an art residence for participants from Germany, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania in the federal state of Brandenburg (Germany) as part of the International Festival of the illustrated book "Das Düstere und das Heitere". Coordination of the competitive selection of art residence participants in the framework of the 22nd International AIDS Conference 2018 (AIDS 2018) in Amsterdam (in conjunction with the "Cultural Initiative" program of the AFEW International Foundation)

Expertise and consulting

Conducting of an expert monitoring of the implementation of the "Cultural mosaic. Partners’ Network" project of the Timchenko Foundation (September-October, 2017). Participation in the development of the "Neighborhood Culture & Economic Development Strategy", Toronto, Canada (January-February, 2018).

Educational programs

Conducting of a two-day seminar on the management of ethno-cultural projects (Khanty-Mansiysk, May 2017). Workshop "Culture of participation: involving communities" (Novokuznetsk, March 31 - April 2, 2017). The two-day workshop "The space of changes: participatory design technologies" (Kostroma, September 23-24, 2017)

Our team

Elena Sobinova
Elena Sobinova

Director, specialist in cultural project management, the engine of work processes

Natalia Leonteva
Natalia Leonteva

Project manager and idea generator

Ksenia Chalysheva
Ksenia Chalysheva

Project manager, marketing specialist and multitask administrator

Tatiana Gafar
Tatiana Gafar

Expert of museum and project management

Our partners

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